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clothing/kissing etc: 3

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start - end duration    default action category subcategory age impact to story modify
0m 00.01s - 2m 18.08s 2m 18.07s skip (disabled) movie-content initial theme song 1 modify tag
19m 14.47s - 19m 33.15s 0m 18.68s skip physical nudity anterior male lewdness level: 10 (out of ??) 1 modify tag
19m 48.81s - 19m 52.36s 0m 03.55s skip physical revealing clothing lewdness level: 10 (out of ??) 1 modify tag
19m 59.96s - 20m 04.98s 0m 05.02s skip physical revealing clothing lewdness level: 11 (out of ??) 1 modify tag
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SynopsisSet in Scotland in 1713, Rob Roy becomes an outlaw after being wronged by a nobleman.
prime?amazon prime
Editing status most recent passunedited/never edited
Editor advisory:Only sexual content has been removed.
Age recommendation after edited:12
Price to rent/purchasefree (with Prime)
Total movie time2h 19m 18.78s
Good movie rating (out of 10)7
Original MPAA RatingR
Download Count2
Added to our system2019-10-20 22:37:05 UTC


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