Want a job that changes the world, ever so slightly? You've come to the right place. We're looking for people that are passionate about movies and morals and would love to join our team!
We can't offer riches or wealth, but a good feeling, we hope :)
We are a "movie filtering" company, which means we add tags to movies to identify the profanity, violence, sex, etc. so that people watching movies can choose to skip that stuff at their discretion when they watch it later.

Current openings:

Volunteer: want to help us make sure we got out all the bad stuff. We'll pay the rental/prime costs for you to watch videos we have already edited, plus a small stipend per movie! You'd look for any bad stuff and tell us the time when it is in the movie.
Volunteer: interested in the cause but don't like the money entanglement? You can join our team and edit movies for us for free, we'd love the help, if you think you have the drive, let's talk! :)

All our positions are "remote" positions, work from home, we have no office location.
Apply for any position here.
Employer Goodness Plus, LLC

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