Currently, Play It My Way works on the chrome desktop web browser on a computer/laptop that it supports (Windows, OS X, Linux, Chromebooks). So you need to install the chrome extension and you're good to go.
Want to watch it on your TV? You can also use a cable to connect your computer/laptop to your TV and watch it there. You could for instance run a long (10', 25' or 50') HDMI cable from your computer to your TV, buy yourself a bluetooth mouse and watch in HD. Another option might be a "Home Theater PC" that supports the Chrome web browser, or repurposing an old laptop/desktop as a dedicated viewing device.

Installing the program

Install the edited playback software by clicking here to install our chrome extension (click the "Add to Chrome" button) then come back to this web site to start playing it your way by clicking here to see the list of edited movies!