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. How does it work?
You install our free app, we take care of the rest! We tag the content in movies: profanity, violence, etc. Then you can decide what you want to see or not. When you stream a movie you have access to, our free app will edit out the parts you don't want. Sit back and relax while you enjoy your movies! Increase your family entertainment options! Take back control of your living room! For free!
Why is this awesome?
How much does it cost?
Our app and filters are free! You only pay your streaming subscription or rental/purchase cost to Amazon.
(Note: Amazon Prime has a free 30 day trial, watch some entirely free edited movies!)
Play it My way is Free, you can use it as long as you like without paying a dime. Some people would like to "support the cause" and soon we will be offering a "premium subscription" option (that goes alongside the free one) for $4/month (filters are the same for either). This will come with heightened customer support, access to advanced features, and option to vote for which movies we edit next.
Contact us if you'd like to start a premium subscription and help everyone out!
By getting a premium subscription, you're helping support those who can't afford it, and increasing the amount of goodness in the world!

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How do I install it?
Click here for instructions.
How do I watch it on my TV?
One option is to plug into your TV another connection, one from your computer/laptop to your TV and watch it there. It works in HD. You could for instance run a long (10', 25' or 50') HDMI cable from your computer to your TV. You can remote control your computer from your couch using the chrome remote desktop app on your mobile device.
Another option is to purchase an "android tv" (around $40) and install the Play It My Way Android App.
Another option might be to purchase a "Home Theater PC" that supports the Chrome web browser, or repurposing an old laptop/desktop as a dedicated viewing device.
So is this legal? So is watching edited movies moral? Ethical?
We flatter ourselves by believing so. Let us tell you our take on it. Imagine you're going to a play in a theater, but, feeling a bit under the weather that day, and you know an upcoming scene might make you a bit sick. Is it OK to walk out for that scene then come back? Or is it OK to "look at the floor" in the theater and not watch when something happens in a movie that you're not comfortable with? Is it OK to walk out during the closing credits of a movie and effectively "skip" those last few scrolling credits? We think so. But again, ony do what feels right to you here :) For some parents, it's OK to watch unedited movies themselves, but then if they want to watch them with their kids, to dial down the intensity a little. This also works well for that. Power to the people! :)
Another take on it: for instance if it's a PG movie but you just want to be able to watch and "avoid any surprises" (for instance, the one single profanity in it) you might consider that an ethical option. Or to create a "toned down" version of scary scenes of a Disney film, so that little kids don't have nightmares but can still "watch with the family" you might consider that an ethical option.
Another take on it: sometimes Hollywood inserts some bad scene just to "get a rating" as it were. Why not watch it comfortably without that bad scene? They want your money in the end, and you're, in essence, giving it to them by watching their movie, albeit edited. My other theory is that maybe Hollywood producers just "don't realize" the tastes and affections of some people out there (to them, profanity is hum drum, for instance). We are providing the ability of the masses to tailor-fit movies to themselves instead of everyone having to fit in one bucket for a release, as it were. But do whatever you feel is appropriate and ethical, and also allows others the same privilege :)
Does using this send a wrong message to Hollywood?
There's definitely a debate as to whether you should watch some "dirty" films, edited, at all. That's your call of course. Some films, even edited, still have a "dark feeling" about them, so use your best judgement even with edited versions. We provide an "wholesomeness" rating for each movie, which may be useful to you in your quest for wholesome recreation. We'll leave that one as a personal decision, if you feel we shouldn't then don't let us force you, just don't watch the movie. For those that "want" to watch these movies cleaned up, we do offer this as an option. As to whether it sends the wrong message to Hollywood, my personal hope is that we can show them "yes lots of people are watching these edited, you should tap into this market!" that kind of message. Maybe we'll be able to show them, or maybe we'll end up sending the wrong message, we hope not. But we're not sure either.
How do I uninstall it?
Right click on the little icon in the upper right, choose "remove from Chrome." We're sorry to see you go, please leave us some feedback so we can improve for future users!
Can it edit Netflix? be clear, we started down that road once, and even created a working prototype, but we decided to no longer include that functionality because it seems like its use might violate parts of the Netflix customer Terms of Use ("no injection of code" or something, which is how we control their player). We hope to launch a "Netflix" drive someday and convince them of the utility of this program :) If that doesnt' work, we hope to eventually create some kind of work around. For now we will recommend to our users that they purchase their streamed media from other sources that seem to allow it (ex: Amazon). Hopefully someday, feel free to vote for this feature!

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