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[Youtube: Smosh Games MINECRAFT (Honest Game Trailers)]

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verbal: 7

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start - end duration    default action category subcategory age impact to story modify
0m 31.85s - 0m 32.40s 0m 00.55s skip profanity personal insult mild 4 modify tag
1m 08.80s - 1m 10.84s 0m 02.04s skip profanity personal insult harsh 2 modify tag
2m 04.80s - 2m 06.20s 0m 01.40s skip profanity personal insult mild 4 modify tag
2m 28.87s - 2m 29.32s 0m 00.45s skip profanity crude humor 4 modify tag
2m 49.90s - 2m 50.35s 0m 00.45s skip profanity s word 2 modify tag
2m 55.30s - 2m 55.99s 0m 00.69s skip profanity personal attack mild 4 modify tag
3m 20.25s - 3m 23.19s 0m 02.94s skip profanity bodily part reference mild 1 modify tag
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Editing status most recent passmost recent pass added or modified at least some edits (may have groomed some as well)
Num passes done1
Price to rent/purchasefree (youtube)
Total movie time3m 23.58s
Download Count8
Added to our system2017-04-05 13:07:12 UTC


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