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profanity etc: 3

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start - end duration    default action category subcategory age impact to story modify details delete
20m 27.23s - 20m 28.83s 0m 01.60s mute profanity deity expletive (lip readable) 1 modify tag [G..d....] ducks. delete
25m 52.72s - 25m 54.79s 0m 02.07s mute profanity f word (lip readable) 1 modify tag [F...] you. delete
36m 56.48s - 36m 59.42s 0m 02.93s mute profanity f word (lip readable) 1 modify tag what the [f...] is the difference? delete
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Alternate URLhttps://www.amazon.com/Mr-Robot-Season-1/dp/B00YBX664Q
SynopsisA young cyber-security engineer becomes a vigilante hacker after growing disillusioned with society. Season 1, Episode 2, "Elliot is offered a job at 'Evil Corp', and must choose between that, and joining fsociety"
prime?amazon prime
Editing status most recent passunedited/never edited
Price to rent/purchasefree (with Prime)
Total movie time47m 07.94s
Our local reviewThis series
Original MPAA RatingTV-MA
Download Count14
Added to our system2019-04-23 04:51:18 UTC


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