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[Survivor Season 1, Episode 5 : Pulling Your Own Weight]

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verbal: 9, clothing/kissing etc: 2

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start - end duration    default action category subcategory age impact to story modify
6m 47.35s - 6m 47.96s 0m 00.61s mute profanity deity religious context 1 modify tag
16m 25.32s - 16m 26.60s 0m 01.28s mute profanity a word 1 modify tag
18m 33.13s - 18m 33.56s 0m 00.43s mute profanity h word not OK age 3 and under 1 modify tag
21m 52.86s - 22m 04.29s 0m 11.43s skip physical sexual reference 1 modify tag
23m 51.20s - 24m 11.05s 0m 19.85s skip profanity crude humor 4 modify tag
25m 07.20s - 25m 07.72s 0m 00.52s mute profanity h word 1 modify tag
25m 18.41s - 25m 19.01s 0m 00.60s mute profanity h word 1 modify tag
35m 46.70s - 35m 47.77s 0m 01.07s mute profanity profanity (other) 1 modify tag
43m 43.68s - 43m 47.24s 0m 03.56s skip physical nudity anterior male 1 modify tag
44m 09.37s - 44m 09.85s 0m 00.48s mute profanity deity religious context 1 modify tag
44m 23.88s - 44m 24.31s 0m 00.43s mute profanity deity exclamation mild 1 modify tag
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SynopsisDifferent challenges this week include spear throwing and rowing
prime?amazon prime
Editing status most recent passmost recent pass added or modified at least some edits (may have groomed some as well)
Num passes done2
Price to rent/purchasefree (with Prime)
Total movie time44m 28.43s
Good movie rating (out of 10)8
Wholesome reviewEven edited, the show features castaways on a deserted island so they are wearing minimal amounts of clothing.
Original MPAA RatingTV-PG
Download Count1
Added to our system2017-05-20 17:26:40 UTC


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