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profanity etc: 9, clothing/kissing etc: 3, violence: 3

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start - end duration    default action category subcategory age impact to story modify
0m 02.51s - 0m 29.61s 0m 27.10s skip (disabled) movie-content initial theme song 1 modify tag
7m 58.50s - 7m 59.26s 0m 00.76s mute profanity h word 1 modify tag
9m 43.33s - 9m 44.42s 0m 01.09s yes_audio_no_video physical kissing 3 modify tag
9m 51.30s - 9m 52.46s 0m 01.16s mute profanity deity exclamation mild 1 modify tag
14m 30.69s - 14m 32.90s 0m 02.21s mute profanity personal attack mild 5 modify tag
31m 26.68s - 31m 28.74s 0m 02.06s mute profanity h word 3 modify tag
31m 31.24s - 31m 32.38s 0m 01.14s mute profanity d word 2 modify tag
31m 35.02s - 31m 42.71s 0m 07.69s yes_audio_no_video violence light fight not OK age 3 and under 4 modify tag
32m 53.88s - 32m 55.12s 0m 01.24s mute profanity deity exclamation mild 2 modify tag
33m 50.18s - 33m 50.95s 0m 00.77s mute profanity deity exclamation mild 1 modify tag
34m 30.67s - 34m 31.48s 0m 00.81s mute profanity bodily part reference mild 3 modify tag
34m 40.02s - 34m 41.87s 0m 01.85s yes_audio_no_video violence light fight not OK age 6 and under 3 modify tag
35m 05.06s - 35m 18.15s 0m 13.09s yes_audio_no_video physical kissing not OK age 3 and under 6 modify tag
37m 00.69s - 37m 41.31s 0m 40.62s skip violence comedic fight not OK age 3 and under 6 modify tag
38m 26.40s - 38m 30.37s 0m 03.97s yes_audio_no_video physical revealing cleavage not OK age 6 and under 3 modify tag
40m 30.79s - 40m 34.98s 0m 04.19s mute profanity personal insult mild 4 modify tag
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Alternate URLhttps://www.amazon.com/Hook-Dustin-Hoffman/dp/B009KWU6Q2
SynopsisA troubled family travels to London for the holidays, only to discover that the story of Peter Pan is not a fairytale, but a reality
prime?amazon prime
Editing status most recent passunedited/never edited
Price to rent/purchasefree (with Prime), Rent: $1.99/$1.99 Buy: $9.99/$12.99
Total movie time2h 21m 43.55s
Good movie rating (out of 10)10
Our local reviewMany great contributors, including Robin Williams, Steven Spielberg, and John Williams, all come together to create a timeless classic film that continues to be cherished since it's release
Wholesome_uplifting_level (out of 10)9
Wholesome reviewGreat story that stresses the importance of family, friendship, and love. Although the Lost Boys can be rude and unclean, and there is family tension throughout the first half of the film, Hook is a great film to watch with children.
Original MPAA RatingPG
Added to our system2017-04-19 16:01:00 UTC


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