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[Star Trek Original (Remastered) Season 1, Episode 2 : Charlie X]

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SynopsisA young man, stranded on a planet since childhood, is brought aboard the Enterprise. However, social adaptation would be difficult enough for most, but Charlie must do it even with his telepathic abilities.
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Editing status most recent passunedited/never edited
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Total movie time50m 26.26s
Good movie rating (out of 10)7
Our local reviewThe second episode of the first season, characters are still warming up, but the work with tension is well executed. The characters are set in compelling light that sets them up for the rest of the series; we see Kirk keep calm in the face of danger. And, yes, we see your nod at the X-Men, Roddenberry. Our hats are off to you.
Wholesome reviewThere's no doubt, it's a little disturbing, by any account, to see a boy roll his eyes in the back of his head to convey telepathic abilities. This is one of the less provocative episodes, though. Charlie makes some advances on a Yeoman, and slaps her on the rear once, but is quickly reprimanded for it. He also chases her later in the episode, nothing inappropriate happens. This episode is very similar to the Twilight Zone's "It's a Good Life," and, as such, thematically it's a little dark.
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