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[24 Season 1, Episode 1 : Midnight - 1:00 A.M.]

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clothing/kissing etc: 6, profanity etc: 5

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start - end duration    default action category subcategory age impact to story modify
3m 20.73s - 3m 21.99s 0m 01.26s yes_audio_no_video physical kissing 1 modify tag
6m 56.29s - 6m 56.50s 0m 00.21s mute profanity h word 1 modify tag
7m 03.14s - 7m 03.86s 0m 00.72s skip physical kissing 1 modify tag
12m 04.53s - 12m 09.19s 0m 04.66s skip physical art nudity 1 modify tag
12m 21.18s - 12m 22.77s 0m 01.59s yes_audio_no_video substance-abuse alcohol 1 modify tag
18m 24.67s - 18m 25.02s 0m 00.35s mute profanity h word 1 modify tag
21m 04.20s - 21m 05.29s 0m 01.09s mute profanity a word 1 modify tag
22m 40.89s - 22m 41.30s 0m 00.41s mute profanity a word 1 modify tag
24m 15.42s - 24m 15.83s 0m 00.41s mute profanity d word 1 modify tag
27m 35.10s - 27m 41.97s 0m 06.87s skip physical kissing 1 modify tag
27m 47.66s - 27m 55.78s 0m 08.12s skip physical implied sex 1 modify tag
34m 17.27s - 34m 27.38s 0m 10.11s skip physical kissing 1 modify tag
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SynopsisJack Bauer investigates a plot to assassinate a United States senator.
prime?amazon prime
Editing status most recent passmost recent pass added or modified at least some edits (may have groomed some as well)
Num passes done1
Price to rent/purchasefree (with Prime)
Total movie time42m 42.64s
Added to our system2017-10-23 16:59:15 UTC


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